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Canceling Taking Cara Babies

By: Natalie Goodnow The online parenting community is up in arms this week over the discovery that Cara Dumaplin—the Cara behind the popular sleep-training course and Instagram account Taking Cara Babies (TCB)—donated to

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Assault On Free Speech

In the last few days, we’ve seen a disturbing infringement of our constitutional liberties, namely an assault on free speech. It’s one thing if you are committing violence or making threats. But

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New Campus Sex Rules Boost Free Speech

By: Ingrid Jacques of The Detroit News, featuring The Independent Women’s Law Center Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ new rules governing Title IX campus sexual misconduct investigations, released formally in May, have received

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Takeaways: Free Speech On Campus

By: Jennifer C. Braceras & Inez Feltscher Stepman The First Amendment Applies to Public Colleges and Universities. Students and faculty members at public colleges and universities have a First Amendment right to express themselves

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