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Disney+ Is Giving Into Cancel Culture

 Patrice Onwuka, Director of the Center for Economic Opportunity, joins “Fox & Friends First” to react to New York Governor closes a press event due to ‘coronavirus restrictions’ and Disney+ removing

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Disney+ Cancels The Muppets?

By: Tammy Bruce in The Washington Times What’s the big deal with Disney+, the entertainment company’s streaming service, placing disclaimer warnings on 18 episodes of the original “The Muppet Show” series for children? Plenty.

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The Dangers Of ‘Cancel Culture’

With Tammy Bruce on The Wise Guys, Fox Business Channel Tammy Bruce, President of Independent Women’s Voice, joins “The Wise Guys” to weigh in on censorship, the dangers of ‘cancel culture’ & its

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Against A Politicized Economy

By: Hadley Heath Manning in USA Today When I go to a farmer’s market or shopping mall, I generally don’t ask vendors 20 questions about their background or political opinion before buying their

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